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Chibo Srl is a leading company of the end-of-life management for electrical and electronic devices, working in the business market with many success since 1981; pioneer of this business and the company most long-lived ever.
The Company has calibrated its mission according to the market and client requests, nowadays the market requires more support and specialized operators able to answer to specific requests.
Clients require a flexible company, as well as professional and dynamic,  enriched of enthusiasm and of all that knowledge maturated along the years, able to supply the best solutions for many needs.
Consolidated relationships with operators and manufacturers, guarantee to its clients working solutions for hardware and software problems, together with innovative approaches for the asset management.
Environment is very important for Chibo, infact the work has planned and managed with the environmental conservation idea: recycle and recover policy enable that less IT equipment draws on our planet, knowing that the majority of the electronic waste can have a second or a third life. This is often ignored due to the strong consumerism.
Chibo wants encourage a strong message to its clients, and this message contains the willing to improve the conditions of many companies; thanks to the attentions for the market requests, Chibo has constantly improved the turnover, steady e specialized within the ITAD (IT asset disposition) market position, with special attention for the life cycle of the devices, to their remarketing and correct scrapping.
Chibo number among its clients, private and public companies located in the banking and insurance fields, together with leasing companies, public and private schools and hardware manufacturers.
Increasingly companies, from smaller to bigger ones, entrust to Chibo the management of the end of life IT equipment.
CHIBO S.r.l.
Via Nobel, 27/29A SPIP- 43122 Parma - Italy
Tel. (+39) 0521/606611
Fax. (+39) 0521/607750
P.IVA 00762480341
Cap. Soc. iv 109.200,00 Euro

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