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Chibo operating in Parma since 1981, with a leadership that constantly interact with its employees, basing the work on collaboration and communication, only two ways to fully satisfy customer requirements. Without the cooperation there is no possibility of pursuing all the same goal, conversely if there is no communication you can't understand the customer needs.
The hinges are the company's sales department that manages and coordinates relationships with customers and suppliers as well as prepare and submit bids and seeks new customers and suppliers.
Then we find the technical department with technicians experts working on computer equipment, they make tests and inspections, data wiping and cataloguing equipment.
The warehouse manages the arrival and departure of the orders, porterage and handling goods on site.
The administrative department is at the heart of the company management checking the proper functioning of the company from a tax viewpoint.
Then we find the shipping department that deals with the management of paper, then billing, formulari, pickup planning with clients, ultimate control over the goods on departure the first control on incoming goods.
Finally we find the quality control department that handles not only controls and compliance on incoming goods and outgoing, but also the security company which is the pivot of the entire company structure.
These departments work together, communicate and live together every day doing the best to achieve the demands of the customers.
CHIBO S.r.l.
Via Nobel, 27/29A SPIP- 43122 Parma - Italy
Tel. (+39) 0521/606611
Fax. (+39) 0521/607750
P.IVA 00762480341
Cap. Soc. iv 109.200,00 Euro

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