since 1981

What we dispose

Chibo Srl mainly manage electrical and electronic devices (WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment):
- Hardware IT.

- PC consumer.

- PC professional.

- Server: professional work devices (workstation), big capacity systems (mainframe).


- Boards: PCMCIA boards, hard disc controllers, graphic boards, audio/video boards, CD-ROM, WORM, DVD, LAN boards and emulation terminals, Schede di implementazione per grandi elaboratori big system implementation boards, modem boards, and many others.

- Keyboards: mice and other input peripherals, alphanumeric keyboards, optical pen and other pointing units, Scanner black and white and colour.

- Monitor : monochromatic display, colour display, hi-definition display , LCD and plasma screens.

- Printers : impact printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, thermic printers, multifunction printer (copier, scanner, fax, ecc.), printers accessories.
- Memory: floppy-disk, hard disc, optical devices, CD-ROM e DVD, other removable units.

- Terminals: alphanumeric terminals with video, banking terminals (cash dispenser, POS, ecc.)

- EDP devices: uninterruptible  power supply (UPS, ecc.), deafen cabins, CED tools, EDP devices.

- Discs: WORM, rewritable and optical discs, other discs, communication devices for big audience.

- Multimedial kioks

- Telecommunication / networking: LAN/WAN, switchboards, PABX, desktop telephones and cordless telephones.

- CPU, mother board, case, Macchine supporting IT accessories.

- Hub, Modem, Adapter, cabinet rack

- Televion, videorecorder, small household, etc...

- Medical instrumentation.
CHIBO S.r.l.
Via Nobel, 27/29A SPIP- 43122 Parma - Italy
Tel. (+39) 0521/606611
Fax. (+39) 0521/607750
P.IVA 00762480341
Cap. Soc. iv 109.200,00 Euro

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