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Chibo supplies for end of life solutions for obsolete IT equipment, including data security, destruction, remarketing, donations, ex leasing, logistic management, compliance with law, risk management and responsible recycle for any kind of IT equipment.
Chibo as ITAD specialist, make use of secure processes complying to the regulations concerning the obsolete devices management (computers, servers, storage, digital printers, video display, pda, tv, lcd, etc…). Most important activities are the data erasure, recovery and recycle.
Typical  ITAD clients are companies, organizations and institutions subjected to compliance with the law, they requires a safe management of the personal information and desire a financial recover of the used assets.
Companies usually require a centralized approach for the assets managing across the borders, often they require compliance reports (highly transparent) and financial analysis.
The recycling methods (not remarkable IT devices) have to respect all the laws and legislation to reduce bad environmental impact.
Chibo with its ITAD services, ensures that all the information contained in the devices will be destroyed, this will avoid any kind of embarrassing public image rebound, as well as proceedings due to incorrect recycling process.
All the external references that can be found, like stickers with names or references will be removed from the asset, all the machines will be completely reclaimed.
The electronic devices, improperly scrapped, are easy to be find out, and the public and/or involuntary divulgation of the private data, or company information can damage the credibility of any  company.
Even the devices without any information within can damage the reputation of a company, if these devices damage the environment; this happen because decentralize or improvise scrapping methods of the assets, will not mitigate risks coming from an incorrect scrapping process.
CHIBO S.r.l.
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