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Scrapped goods get stocked in an appropriate zone, divided per CER number; all the scrapped devices are splitted in their area.

All the working items are stocked in the warehouse and available for the sale; the areas are divided per device as printer, pc, servers, networking, etc… this help the sale department to improve and speed up the identification of the products.

The non-working devices are (as per Law) marked with a red label, same as for the working devices marked with a green label. This avoid to mash-up the items working with those to scrap out.
There is a deep difference between the scap and the good devices, not only for the value, but also for treatment, stock and transport.

As said, the recovery doesn’t have to appear as a waste remarking and palm off the goods as used and working; recovery has to be a prerogative for all those persons in this field, want recovery as much as possible and give a second good life to the devices, offering high level quality tools.
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