For used equipment Chibo S.r.l. offers to the public a 3-month warranty for computers, peripherals,

accessories and laptops, with the exception of displays, covered by 1 month warranty, and consumable products and/or

subject to wear and tear (for example, and not limited to: laptop batteries, printer toners, cartridges and

multifunction, and gears) for which no warranty is provided.


In case of malfunction:


The Customer should contact us by phone at 0521/606611 describing the problem, one of our technicians will try to solve it. In the event that the goods must be returned to Chibo's premises, the Customer must request the ERA code (repair return number), provided by the technical department via e-mail.

The Customer must send at his own expense the component adequately packaged and the same will be repaired under warranty and returned carriage paid at no cost (it is advisable that the Customer, before sending the component or the machine for repair verify that all the installation specifications required in the manual have been properly carried out, - that he has properly carried out the instructions provided by the Used PC technical support).

Chibo will not be responsible for damage caused during transportation in case of incorrect or inadequate packaging, and advises Customers to make data backups of installed software including operating software and personal data before shipment.

If the software is damaged or data is lost, Chibo will not be held responsible in any way for said damage and will submit a regular repair estimate.

The warranty is to be considered valid only if the owner and the holder of the warranty (purchase invoice), i.e. the buyer, coincide; for this reason, it is advisable to always specify in the order field, within the appropriate box, whether the goods are for personal use or if they are intended for third parties, in order to properly manage the warranty.

In the event that the machine is located outside the national territory, it will be necessary at the time of purchase to indicate the destination of the same. The Chibo warranty is valid worldwide, however it follows different routes: having been sent abroad the same will be sent to the laboratory (Chibo) and then returned totally at the expense of the warranty holder. This means that the customer who purchases our goods from abroad has to take care of the shipping and return of the same, both of which are completely at his or her own expense.

Chibo will not be responsible for the warranty in case the damage is caused by accident, misuse of the product, vandalism or by fire, water, natural events, exposure to very high temperature, dust, humidity, or if the product undergoes technical changes that are not made by the appropriate personnel or inappropriate use even in conjunction with other equipment.

Even when the warranty terms are exhausted, PC Used technicians are available to the Customer for any eventuality.

With the sending of the component or machine to the laboratory with exhausted warranty, the service department will produce a cost estimate that if accepted will allow the return of the fully functional product, provided that repair is possible. Otherwise, you will be offered an equal or compatible part (with a new Chibo warranty).

For new products still covered under industrial warranty, service must be requested directly to the manufacturer's toll-free number, which can be found inside the packaging.

The customer has the opportunity to buy from us, goods that can be found in three different conditions of its life cycle, to whose characteristics correspond different types of warranty and cost:

NEW: the merchandise purchased by the customer is in its first life cycle, being precisely new, the warranty is paid directly by the manufacturer;

RECONDITIONED: the goods are delivered to the customer fully functional, this means checked and tested in every single part. Obviously, the part purchased by the customer is in its second life cycle, and is repurposed, however, to be functional to the user as the new, with different warranty parameters, it is paid by Chibo, as long as the goods still fall within the timeframe of our parameters, mentioned above better;

AS IS: the goods are sold to the customer "as is - as is," i.e., the customer accepts the supply of the goods untested, unreviewed, unreconditioned, unrepaired. It should be emphasized that, the goods sold by us as is may be incomplete in one or more parts, have aesthetic and functional defects. In this house there is no warranty of any kind for the goods sold, either by the manufacturer or by Chibo.



When goods that are paid to the customer in large volumes or in bulk (we refer to all types of goods that Chibo sells) are covered by a 30-day warranty.

Even if the 30-day period is exceeded, it is still possible to carry out interventions by our technical department in the event of a malfunction; any repairs, complete or partial replacements, incoming and outgoing shipping, will be considered as paid for therefore at the expense of the customer.



Merchandise that is purchased through our website www.pcusato.it, or through one of our salespeople (sec@chibo.it; sec1@chibo.it) can be paid for by these methods:

Advance bank transfer: it will be the responsibility of the relevant commercial to send the customer a written order confirmation, in which the customer must check the items and quantities indicated. After the receipt of this document, the customer can proceed with the payment through his bank of support of the amount due including VAT. We always request that you send us a copy in order to expedite the procedure.

Visa: after the customer receives our order confirmation, Chibo needs to receive your credit card details in order to make the withdrawal of the amount due to ship the goods. They use a Visa credit card we will have to apply the in plus 3% on the total billed amount.

American Express: after the customer receives our order confirmation, Chibo needs to receive your credit card details in order to make the withdrawal of the amount due to ship the goods. They use a Visa credit card we will have to apply the in plus 4% on the total billed amount.


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