Global Location Team

Chibo has been operating in Parma since 1981 and owes its leadership to a management that is always focused on communication and collaboration with its employees in order to achieve the common goal of customer satisfaction. If there is a lack of collaboration, there is no possibility of a common goal; conversely, if there is a lack of communication, the customer's needs will not be achieved.

The cornerstone of the company is the sales department, which manages and coordinates relations with customers and suppliers in addition to preparing and sending new offers and searching for new customers and suppliers in the industry.

The technical department employs skilled technicians who carry out testing and inspection by means of computer instrumentation, data wiping and asset cataloging.

The warehouse handles arrivals, on-site porterage, goods handling and preparation of outgoing orders.


The shipping department handles paperwork, billing, form drafting, scheduling customer pickups, last check on departing goods, first check on arriving goods, and final shipment.

The quality control department handles checks and compliance on incoming and outgoing goods and corporate security.

The administrative department is at the center of business management by controlling the proper operation of the company from an accounting and fiscal point of view.

These departments collaborate, communicate and live together on a daily basis giving their best to achieve the ultimate goal of satisfying customer demands.