CHIBO s.r.l. is a leader in Italy in the end-of-life management of electrical and electronic equipment and has been in the market since 1981 with continuous success, a pioneer in the industry and the longest-lived company in the industry.

The company, to date, has calibrated its mission according to the needs dictated by the market and its customers. The demand for support in the industry is ever-increasing, hence the need for operators who are specialized and possess all the requirements demanded by the consumer.

The response to Customers' demands presupposes a flexible, professional and dynamic company, qualities that Chibo demonstrates daily in direct and indirect relationships with the market.

Established relationships with operators and manufacturers guarantee Customers functional solutions for hardware and software problems and innovative approaches to asset management at any stage of their business life.

Chibo naturally pays special attention to the environment and all working phases are carried out in its full respect, aware of the fact that much of what is thrown away has the possibility of a second or third life, it encourages the policy of recovery and reuse to make sure that less and less IT material goes to impact our planet. The message Chibo wants to convey to its customers is strong and aimed at improving conditions for many companies and the environment in which they operate.

Thanks to its continuous focus on the market and its customers, Chibo has steadily increased its turnover, consolidating and specializing in all services related to the ITAD area with particular attention to the life cycle of equipment, its remarketing and its proper disposal.

Its Clients are present in both the public and private sectors, of all sizes, entrusting its expertise in managing IT that has reached the end of its life.