What we dispose

Chibo Srl mainly deals with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), namely:

- IT Hardware: Complete Processing Systems

- Consumer PCs: Consumer desktops, Consumer laptops

- Professional PCs - Server PCs: Personal workstations, Professional desktops, Notebooks, Pen handhelds, PC accessories

- Servers: professional workstations (workstations), Large-capacity computing systems (mainframes), Hardware implementation and peripherals


- Cards: PCMCIA cards, Disk control cards, Graphics cards, Audio/video cards, CD-ROM management cards, WORM, videodisc, DVD, LAN interface and terminal emulation cards, Implementation cards for large processors, Modem cards, other cards


- Keyboards : Mice and other input peripherals, Alphanumeric keyboards, Optical pens and other pointing units, Black/white and color scanners

- Monitors : Monochrome screens, Color screens, High-definition screens, Flat liquid crystal displays, Plasma, etc.

- Printers : Impact printers, Inkjet printers, Laser printers, Thermal printers, Multifunction printers (copier, scanner, fax, etc.), Printer accessories.

- Mass storage drives: Floppy-disk drives, Hard disk drives, Optical disk drives, CD-ROM and DVD drives, Other removable disk drives

- Terminals: Alphanumeric terminals with video, Banking terminals (cash dispensers, POS, etc.).

- Auxiliary devices for EDP: Uninterruptible power supplies, Power supplies (UPS, etc.), Soundproof booths, lecterns and other CED equipment, EDP consumables

- Disks: Writable optical disks (WORM), Rewritable optical disks, Other removable disks, Systems for communication with the general public

- Multimedia kiosks

- Microprocessors, PC mother boards, Computer cases, Auxiliary machines and accessories for IT

- Hubs, Modems, Adapters, Cabinets and racks

- Telecommunications/networking: LAN/WAN, telephone switchboards, PABX, fixed and cordless telephones, etc.