Scraped goods lie in designated areas according to their waste code.

All functioning equipment, on the other hand, is deposited in the warehouse at the disposal of the sales department: the reception areas are homogeneous by type of items (PCs, printers, servers, routers, etc...), so as to make it easier and faster to visually identify what you are looking for.

Obviously there is no sort of contact or shuffling between obsolete equipment (otherwise marked with red sticker) and used and working or reconditioned equipment (marked with green sticker).

It is critical for the company that used and working equipment not be confused and considered obsolete equipment or vice versa.

For those familiar with the industry there is a profound difference between the two, both substantive and commercial.

Recovery should be a prerogative of those in this industry who wish to recover as much as possible to impact the environment less, while at the same time offering quality material at low cost.

Product recovery cannot and should not give rise to the marketing of obsolete material passed off as used and functioning.