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Data security / distruction / data wiping

There is growing attention to privacy and the processing of sensitive and personal data, Chibo every day is involved in managing every day thousands of hard discs from servers and personal computers.

It often happens that the computers collected from clients, just as PCs, servers, printers, copiers and multifunctions still contain sensitive data not deleted; these data could be improperly used or allow outsiders to steal personal and sensitive data.

That's why the hard disk data wiping demand is increasing: gli data wiping that Chibo offers are basically of two types, both very effective.
The first possibility is the distruction by a free software; the technical department will proceed to destroy the data contained within the hard disk using the software and the cleaning cycle will be repeated several times.

Upon request, with an additional cost, there is the possibility to choose another type of intervention by Blancco Software, one of the best data erase software on the market. After the data erasure procedure, will be issued a special certification of the work..
In both cases the customer will have the full assurance that all personal data will are destroyed.

Some companies require the data erasure before the collection of the assets, so for projects on large scale, our team can go to the company's customer and perform on-site the data wiping or physically destroy the hard disk contained in the asset to be scrapped.
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