Award Ecohitech 2001 Milan Ottober 22nd: a new success for Chibo Srl at SMAU

Environment respect and commercial instances joined together in a perfect harmony thanks to Chibo Srl, become famous as ecological broker of used IT equipment. Chibo won on today for its initiative receiving the prestigious award Ecotech 2001.

Chibo recover and scap all the hazardous and non-hazardous devices such as hardware (pc, monitor, printers, networking, servers, etc…) and household. With the PCUSATO project ( , Chibo has developed a perfect business model offering used/tested and phase-out devices, with a low environment impact.

The Award Ecohitech was born on 1998 with the Consorzio Ecoqual’It project, it stands as acknowledgment for all the leading companies, stand out for products, services and throuthtput respecting the environment and with low natural resources. The award aim is emphasize the most innovative solutions pro-environemt offered from the ICT companies.

Chibo Srl has received a special mention for the service category, for the commercial and environment mission integrated together, plus the products lengthening in respect with the Decreto Ronchi Law and all the other European rules. The award has been bestowed from a jury panel composed of businessman and institutional persons; headed from Mr. Antonio Emmanueli, SMAU president.

The meeting has been an information moment for all the companies hi-tech producers, looking to the new European Law just enact related to the WEEE and to its management and scrapping.