Environmental policy

Chibo, a leader since 1981 in the field of "end-of-life management" of electrical and electronic equipment, always committed to improve the quality of its services and meet the needs of its customers, in the conviction that today business management cannot disregard the protection of the environment, a primary asset that belongs to everyone, has decided to adopt an environmental management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001.

The main objective of this choice is to go beyond compliance with the obligations imposed by the law and to adopt strategies and modes of behavior that allow to prevent any pollution episodes and to start a process of continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

The management of Chibo Ltd. is committed to providing resources to:

  • encourage the policy of recovery and reuse of electrical and electronic equipment within a strategy of resource sustainability

  • ensure the fulfillment of its compliance obligations, not only legislative or regulatory but also voluntarily assumed for the purpose of environmental protection

  • take the necessary measures to prevent accidental events and reduce the possibility of pollution

  • make the necessary arrangements to assess and keep under control the effects on the environment resulting from its activities

  • pursue the improvement of its environmental performance, in particular to:

  1. seek effectiveness and efficiency of processes

  2. control and manage energy consumption

  3. control and manage water discharges resulting from its activities

  4. reduce environmental impacts related to road mobility

  5. reuse materials within its process as far as possible by reducing waste generation and limiting the use of natural resources

  6. send waste for recovery as an alternative to disposal where possible

  7. raise its customers' awareness of proper handling of the finished product from a life-cycle perspective

  8. communicating to employees the information they need to understand the environmental effects of their activities by investing in training to acquire appropriate skills and stimulating an open dialogue with them to encourage their active participation in the system

  9. putting in place measures to ensure that contractors working at the site on our behalf apply environmental standards in accordance with the company's environmental protection principles.

11.01.2018 The Executive Board

Stefania Chittolini