Reverse Logistics

Chibo, in recent years, has strongly specialized in reverse logistic service and the good work has made more and more customers choose the reality of this company. Today, the service provided and guaranteed fully represents what is required by medium and large-sized companies.

Chibo is also chosen by many lending institutions and leasing companies that move to its warehouses a good part of the machine fleet coming from agencies/branches reporting to the parent structure or, in the case of leasing companies, from their own customers for leasing purposes. The reserved spaces within the facility are dedicated, that is, each customer has the option of renting its own area that remains so: there is no subsequent handling of the goods and the material is always visible and retrievable by the customer.

Chibo has structured itself to meet the demands of its customers, who increasingly ask for goods to be picked up by appointment in more than one area: thanks to a team dedicated to contacting by phone the different locations to be referred to in order to pick up the goods, pickups can be scheduled every day throughout Italy.

Mainly this activity is structured to cope with two types of interventions:

- Collection of obsolete material on behalf of customers, who have branches and substructures scattered throughout the country. They may be, for example, banks or commercial and service companies, but also public facilities, such as municipalities, hospitals, provinces and regions. It operates indiscriminately in the hinterland of cities and in historical centers with ZTL zones. Chibo's operator, in the first contact with the customer, handles all logistical and transportation issues in advance, thus preventing any hiccups and ensuring excellent service.

- Collection of equipment at the end of the lease on behalf of leasing companies operating in the IT sector: these companies request that their customer be contacted and arrangements made on how to return to Chibo's warehouses the machine that has arrived at the end of the lease. The goods are picked up anywhere without any restrictions. Depending on the customer's facility, the type of equipment, and the type of contract entered into, the goods are managed through management software, owned by Chibo, which allows the product in stock to be indexed and broken down by customer and thus make all machines retrievable. Chibo produces, upon customer request, reports of incoming equipment, testing/testing, photos.

When a company chooses Chibo as its centralized ITAD provider, the following routine services can be expected:

  1. packing and pickup of IT assets, safe transport to the Chibo facility, while maintaining a clear chain of custody Coc;

  2. quick response to each customer's requests, wherever they may be;

  3. asset process according to strict safety standards and international environmental regulations;

  4. management of asset processes through a centralized information system that tracks the movement of each individual asset and how it moves through the ITAD process, and generates documentation that substantiates the proper scrapping of all assets;

  5. determining the best route for each asset and performing its transportation;

  6. recycling of equipment that has reached end-of-life, using the zero landfill process;

  7. reuse of assets, if possible, promoting sustainable development with the least environmental impact.