Goods receiving

It is, of course, the Customer who decides the destination of the discarded equipment, choosing either scrapping or reuse according to his or her needs: as already mentioned there is equipment that not only has a second, but also a third life!

In the case of reuse, a team of experienced technicians will evaluate the equipment that has arrived in the warehouse and sort it according to type and validity. They will carry out efficiency tests, perform the necessary replacements and upgrades, and all the general checks required to determine perfect functionality-in a word, the reconditioning process.

Chibo technicians, specialized in the IT sector and with several years of training and experience behind them, have all the skills to carry out a proper evaluation of the machines that pass through the laboratory and their subsequent and eventual reconditioning.

Receiving heterogeneous products from each other and being remarkably vast in the field of computer equipment, the work to which the technical department devotes itself is anything but simple. In fact, making a congruous assessment on the specific types of equipment requires knowledge and analytical skills that can be acquired over the years and with passion in one's work.