Data Security - Distruction - Data Wiping

There is increasing attention to privacy and the handling of sensitive and personal data. Chibo is involved in this matter on a daily basis, handling thousands of hard disks from used servers and personal computers.

It frequently happens that computer equipment collected from customers, such as PCs, servers, MFPs, copiers and printers contain a lot of sensitive data that could be misused or stolen by outsiders.

This is the reason for the increasing demand for intervention on hard disks: the data wiping interventions that Chibo offers are basically of two types, both very effective.

The first option the customer has is to choose the destruction of the data contained within the hard disk using free software.

The second option, at the express request of the customer and at an additional cost, is to choose another type of intervention through Blancco software, one of the best data-erase software on the market. A special certification will be issued following this procedure.

In either case, the customer will have full assurance that all of his or her personal data will not come into the possession of anyone.

Some companies require that data be erased before the equipment is removed from their premises, so for "large-scale" scrapping projects, Chibo's team of scrapping professionals will travel to the customer's company and perform the data erasure service on site or to the physical destruction of the hard drives contained in the assets to be scrapped.

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