What we do

Chibo provides end-to-end solutions for obsolete IT equipment, including data security, destruction, resignation, remarketing, end of lease, logistic management, legislative compliance, risk management, and responsible recycling, donation for all types of IT equipment.

Chibo, as an ITAD (short for Information Technology Asset Disposition) specialist, employs secure processes that comply with regulations governing the treatment of obsolete electronic equipment (computers, servers, storage equipment, digital printers, video displays, PDAs, etc...). The key processes are data erasure, recovery or recycling.

Recycling methods (non-marketable IT resources) must comply with all relevant laws and regulations and must reduce negative environmental impacts.

Typical ITAD customers are companies, organizations and institutions subject to compliance and regulations that require secure management of sensitive information and desire financial recovery of used assets. Larger companies usually demand a centralized approach to managing the process. Often, highly transparent compliance reports and financial analysis are also required.

Electronic equipment, improperly scrapped, is easily traceable, and inadvertent disclosure of private data or company information can damage the credibility of any company.

Even equipment without data can damage a company's prestige if it damages the environment.Decentralizing or improvising asset scrapping methods certainly does not mitigate the risks of improper scrapping.

Chibo, with its ITAD services, ensures the destruction of all data stored in equipment, avoiding any embarrassing repercussions to the client's public image, as well as prosecutions against it for improper disposals.

It also ensures the removal of any external references to the assets, such as labels, and ensures their total reclamation.