PCUSATO.IT is a virtual space created in 1997 by Chibo Srl and designed with the aim of offering the end user hardware, computer and components of well-known brands, used, refurbished, or pre-owned in phase out.
 Our philosophy is based on quality assurance of the product, and the resulting customer satisfaction.

With a quicky growth, PCUSATO became the leader in the sale of used / reconditioned computers, customers are schools, government agencies, small businesses and end-users. PCUSATO.IT hits the target with an excellent combination of economy and reliability equipment offered. The products offered are all fully refurbished, cleaned, tested and packaged.

Considering the tight budgets on today, the approach with the computer could become really expensive, that's why more and more companies are looking at this market of used devices, because we don't  compromise the quality.

Our policy is based on the high quality of the equipment, cost and prices always lower than all competitors combined with a particular attention to the customer.

We offer competitive products such as PC / server / printer / monitor / copiers / LCD and more reliable producr covered by our warranty. We also look at the environment and eco-compatibility, giving a second life to all devices that are reconditioned by our technicians and replaced on the market.

Thanks to decades of experience in the IT sector, PCUSATO is able to offer spare parts or remanufactured components of the major brands on the market. We have a very large warehouse which allows us to process all orders in an easy manner, to meet every need. And if the part is not immediately available in stock, we refer to internationally brokers to meet all enquiries.

Hard of our ideas, we provide customers with our professionalism and our flexibility, we are able to offer a functional product that can meet the time requirements of heterogeneous categories.

Visit us on www.pcusato.it