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Refurbishing - Scrapping

There are complex devices made of several parts, such as personal computers or servers that often need to be reconditioned; This word defines the reorganization of the machine, which may cover one or more parts on which the engineers have gone to work. This process carried out by the technician department is not limited just to verify the functionality of the equipment , but also intervention by replacing parts that are no longer saleable.

For example, a PC can be running, but comes with the motherboard faulty, at this point the technicians will work on the part replacing it, and then  retesting the equipment. The product will be guaranteed, working and cheap.

If equipment is not reusable, is obviously scrapped. The recovery should not rise a sale of used and obsolete devices peddled as working; the recovery should be the prerogative of those in this field, want to recover as much as possible to impact less on the surrounding environment, wowever providing quality material at low cost.
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